IntelliCentrics Creates a Safe and SEC³URE Environment for Quality Healthcare

​​IntelliCentrics, Inc., the healthcare industry leader with over 7,000 unique installations of vendor credentialing across the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom with its Reptrax service, today announced a substantial enhancement to both its technology and the expansion of services offered. Reptrax is now re-named SEC³URE which is pronounced “secure.” SEC³URE is designed to address the industry's most pressing issue which is quality patient care by creating the safest and most SEC³URE environments in healthcare. The result is the most comprehensive service offering of its kind on both a national and international level. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) affect one in every 25 hospital patients [1], resulting in a 133% higher rate of readmission [2], 75,000 deaths per year [1], and a cost of $36.7 billion dollars to the US healthcare system [3]. Healthcare facilities have the burden of reducing HAIs, and in order to decrease the number of infections, facilities must be able to control the environment.

"The statistics are sobering and I am sure we all agree we can do better,” says IntelliCentrics CEO Mike Sheehan. “The key concept here is that we all play a role in creating a safe and SEC³URE environment. Before SEC³URE, only the medical staff was burdened with the responsibility of the environment. Now because of all of the advancements in SEC³URE, healthcare facilities can empower everyone to contribute to creating a safe and SEC³URE environment." 

To prevent the spread of HAIs, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that every healthcare facility implement a detailed plan to educate and inform everyone who visits the healthcare system and report on their policies specific to the prevention and control of infections. IntelliCentrics went far beyond this and represents standards from over 70 national and international accrediting organizations such as the WHO and CDC as well as each state's requirements and, equally important, including each facility's own policies.

"SEC³URE is the most comprehensive effort of its kind. The beauty of SEC³URE is the ability for healthcare facilities to know exactly how their policies compare and perform against a comprehensive backdrop of local, national, and international regulations and best practices,” explains Sheehan. “The sharing of best practices has recently been cited in government reports as a key factor for the 17% drop over three years in HAIs. It’s essential for facilities to use benchmarking to know if their safety initiatives are working. From this perspective, facilities can determine which steps fit their priorities to improve patient care. Finally, SEC³URE completes this exercise by uniquely engaging each person to inform them on how they can contribute to creating and maintaining the safest and most SEC³URE environment." 

By integrating policy, people, and the premises, SEC³URE is a single system comprised of:

S afety
E ducation
C omplianceC redentialsC ommunications
U niformity
R eporting
E fficiency

"SEC³URE is more than a technology or a service,” Sheehan says, "It is our passion. Anyone who has been affected by a preventable cause will tell you that we do, in fact, all play a role in creating a safe and SEC³URE environment."

About IntelliCentrics, Inc.

IntelliCentrics, Inc. is a subsidiary of a 20-year-old, multinational company focused in the physical security industry on creating safe and SEC³URE environments in complex regulatory industries by integrating policy, people, and the premises. 


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