IntelliCentrics Announces SEC³URE Link

Transforming healthcare with trust

SEC³URE Link, IntelliCentrics’ latest technological innovation, delivers trust as a technology in support of the people most at risk in the war against COVID-19. SEC³URE Link accomplishes this by integrating healthcare policy with credentialing and scheduling into a single solution. The result is a trusted healthcare delivery system where all stakeholders have the information and controls needed to safely deliver care.  

“Any delay may cost lives,” said Michael Sheehan, CEO of IntelliCentrics. “SEC³URE Link does in minutes what currently takes months. With one click, hospitals using SEC³URE Link know which providers and vendors can be trusted when making a change to their COVID-19 policy. This level of control and information allows the hospital to schedule only trusted individuals for medical cases, procedures and meetings. Meanwhile, SEC³URE Link identifies and supports those individuals with gaps in their credentials, returning them to a trusted status as quickly as possible.”

“As a technology company, we are obsessed with taking this further, faster. So, we integrated SEC³URE Link with SEC³URE GO!,” added Sheehan. “SEC³URE GO! is our wearable technology that visually displays each individual’s real-time trusted status, keeping up with changes in policy.”

“The big idea here is when a healthcare professional is wearing SEC³URE GO!, they are constantly visually communicating ‘I am up to date so I can be trusted, and I see that you can be trusted as well.’ With Link and GO!, everyone between the board room and the point of care can be trusted,” said Sheehan, while pointing out these innovations work across the United States and will be imminently available in Canada and the U.K.

Sheehan concluded, “We all want trusted healthcare, so we are offering Link and GO! free of charge because it’s the right thing to do.”

Source: IntelliCentrics